We offer a Lifetime Adventure Warranty on all of our products if you find that you run into any issues with your gear (something isn't working right, etc.).

In order for us to consider a replacement for your product, you must be able to:

  1. Provide a valid order number. Unfortunately, we are unable to honor any warranties on items that were gifts, sweepstakes prizes, etc. that do not have an order number associated with it. 
  2. Provide photos of what's wrong with your product. We will verify if the damages fall under our warranty and whether they need to be replaced, or can easily be repaired.
  3. Explain that the product was not damaged in "out of the ordinary" circumstancesWe are unable to replace items that were damaged due to extraordinary circumstances...such as if an animal (like a mountain lion) ate your bag. Yes, we have heard stories like this before!

Please reach out to us at support@algents.com so that we can better assist you; our Customer Service team will be happy to work with you and/or ship out replacement gear or accessories if needed!